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(626) 446-6133
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The B & P Painting Process:

Proper professional preparation is the most important part of any painting project.  For the longest lasting paint job possible, B & P Painting, Inc. uses the following process:

Exterior and Interior Painting
Finally, we apply a top of the line, high quality fnish paint.
We prefer Sherwin Williams, ICI/Sinclair, Benjamin Moore, or Dunn Edward's Paints.  These are the best formulated paints, and we use only their highest quality product lines.  Because of the quality of our work and the products we use, written warranties are available in most cases.
Family owned and operated since 1987
Member of Painting & Decorating Contractors of America
Member Building Owner & Managers Assn. of  Greater LA
Member of Arcadia Chamber of Commerce
B & P Painting, Inc.
11621 Clark St. #101  Arcadia, CA 91006
•  Water blasting or hand cleaning / mildew washing
•  Trench base of structure and water seal where possible
•  Scrape, sand, and grind surface to a smooth, feathered
Strip & remove paint where necessary.
•  Prime surfaces
•  Patch, caulk, and re-prime
•  Replace old window glazing if necessary
•  Cover and protect all surfaces not being painted
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